Mission and Values

INFiN’s Mission

To serve as the voice of the vital and rapidly evolving consumer financial services industry in a thriving, competitive marketplace, and to advocate on behalf of customers who choose and value these convenient, reliable, and transparent products and services for financial inclusion and stability

Core Values

INFiN serves as a collective of companies bound by a shared commitment to consumers and the dynamic consumer financial services industry, as embodied by six guiding values:

  • INsight: INFiN members’ deep understanding of the customer experience, coupled with the latest data and technology, provides insight into consumers’ needs and behaviors – vital to delivering products and services that empower customers with choices.
  • INnovation: INFiN members are continuously advancing their financial solutions to meet consumers’ shifting needs and expectations with unique offerings and capabilities, powered by the latest technologies and designed to meet them wherever they are.
  • INtegration: INFiN members operate across a range of platforms and channels, backed by integrated systems that enable customers to seamlessly access an array of convenient financial options wherever, whenever, and however they prefer, in storefronts and online.
  • INtelligence: INFiN members employ advanced data analytics and other cutting-edge technologies that lead to better informed offerings and positive outcomes for customers, so that they can successfully and responsibly navigate their personal financial obligations.
  • INtegrity: INFiN members are dedicated to treating consumers with the dignity and respect they deserve. Abiding by a comprehensive set of best practices, INFiN members are committed to operating in full compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations, as well as meaningful transparency and disclosure requirements.
  • INclusion: INFiN members foster a more inclusive financial services marketplace, bridging a gap in the market that other financial institutions have chosen not to fill, and ensuring critical access to essential, regulated financial services that help consumers attain greater financial experience, security, and upward mobility in their financial journey.

INFiN Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

INFiN’s board of directors is committed to promoting greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our industry, specifically, and in the consumer financial services industry more broadly. Below are a set of core principals we are dedicated to advancing:

  • INFiN and its member companies believe all individuals should have access to consumer financial services which economically empower individuals, families and their communities regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, marital status or disability.
  • As advocates for greater social and economic mobility, we believe in the eradication of systemic racism that has plagued undercapitalized and underrepresented communities for generations.
  • We believe in the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives at every level of our corporate structures and “casting a wider net” to include banking and financial services professionals interested in contributing to the growth and sustainability of our industry.

Membership Benefits

INFiN serves as the financial service center industry's leading voice on issues that affect its members.

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