Best Practices

INFiN members are required to abide by a comprehensive set of best business practices, in addition to full compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. Compliance with these industry-leading Best Practices is just one way INFIN member companies set themselves apart in the consumer financial services market.

INFiN’s Best Practices govern nearly every aspect of members’ operations, and embody the regulated industry’s commitment to the customers it serves, particularly with regards to small-dollar consumer loans.

The strong consumer protections provided under the Best Practices include:

  • Compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations
  • Licensing and registration where required by jurisdiction
  • Truthfulness in advertising
  • Full and transparent disclosure of all terms and fees
  • Timely resolution of customer complaints
  • Commitment to maintaining customer privacy
  • Appropriate collections practices
  • Display of the INFiN member seal to communicate commitment to these Best Practices

Membership Benefits

INFiN serves as the financial service center industry's leading voice on issues that affect its members.

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